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The easiest fantasy sports app

How does it work?

Puntr lets you predict upcoming matches and compete with your friends.

  • Download Puntr, pick your league
  • Create a group and invite friends
  • Predict by swiping
  • Compete with your friends

Help us improve!

Is Puntr not in your language? Are the colors of your club out of order ? Please help us to improve Puntr .

Your input will be reviewed by us and if we consider it as an improvement we update.
For the translation you can download a Microsoft Excel file.
For improving club colors we like to receive a PNG-24 500×500 titled the name of the team and leaugue.

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How do I use Puntr?

Start with selecting your favorite league and club. You will automatically play in that league. Now you can start predicting upcoming matches, make or join groups and share your results. 

How is the score calculated?

1 point for predicting a match, 5 points when you are right & 0 points when you are not right.

How do groups work?

When you join a group your percentage is the total of the league that is played in that group. The score starts at 0 at the moment you join the group.

Can I join at any time?

It really doesn’t matter when you join Puntr or a Puntr group even if it is halfway in a season. Most important is that you start predicting. Your correct pick percentage is leading in a group.

How do I invite friends?

Once you started a group and select a league you want to play, you can send invitations to friends through Whatsapp, Facebook etc. They will get prompted to join your group in Puntr.

Private groups

You can set a group to private. In private groups only the founder and the admins can invite people.

How long does it take for the results are visible?

It usually takes a few hours for you to see the final scores of the matches. At the same time the results of your predictions are processed. We are working hard to process real time. We expect this to be ready in the beginning of September.

Password recovery

If you forgot your password, please fill in the form. An email will be sent so you can set up a new password. Please also check your spambox. 

Is Puntr gambling?

Puntr is NOT a gambling game. You can’t win any money by playing Puntr. The free version of Puntr will remain free from any gambling information or bookmakers.


Puntr is currently available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Turkish.


Puntr is compatible with Android & Apple iOS 8.0 or higher.

Disclaimer / Terms of use

Please read the disclaimer and the terms of service before using Puntr.

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